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why drivers are important and why the needed to update drivers?

Drivers are programs designed to provide instructions for hardware devices on how to operate together with the computer’s operating system. Various devices are being developed that offer new drivers programs to make their hardware functional and efficient. It’s called updating to find and control them.

After installing or updating an operating system you must install the appropriate driver programs. Otherwise, the drivers are incompatible and the computer is unable to work properly. Such as a mobile internet dongle could not connect to the USB port if drivers not properly installed according to the chip on the motherboard.

Every time the operating system is updated, there are many free programs available to update drivers installed on the computer. Driver Easy is a good program among them. It can be downloaded for free at

How to use driver easy software?

After downloading, double click on the setup file and let the driver easy program be installed. After installing the software, you will be logged into it. You can use the icon on the desktop to log in later. Otherwise, open the driver’s easy icon through the Start menu. Then connect the computer to the internet and click on the scan now button. Then it will start checking the drivers of the computer. After checking the drivers you will see a list of drivers on the tab that needs to be updated.

From the list of drivers, you need to click on the Update button. These drivers will be searched and installed on the internet. If all the drivers are shown on the list to be updated at the same time, click the Update All button at the bottom.

How to Set Driver Easy Settings?

You can change the settings of the driver’s easy program. You can change the settings of the Driver Easy program. Click on the three stripes in the lower-left corner of the application window and click on Settings. This will open the settings window. From here you can set the following settings,

·         Automatically scan when the program is launched.

  • When you open the program, the drivers will automatically load.

·         Run automatically when the computer starts

  • Drivers will automatically scan when the computer starts up.

How to Set systems restore settings?

If you set a system restore point before the driver update, you can restore the operating the system if an error occurs after the driver update.


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