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  • Convincing employees to change

Many people perceive changes as a threat to their personal status. So this thing was very common for the company employees too. Before the acknowledgment of the employees, most of them hesitated to adopt this new system. Most of them said that they have adapted to the traditional system and so there is no need for change. Since this Change moves the whole organization as well as every single employee out of their ‘comfort zone’ they hesitated to change. Therefore, some people try to stop or ignore the process.

  • Maintaining the existing efficiency while training the people

When mentioning this challenge it was a very crucial thing when it comes to change management. So within ABC, it was a huge challenge to train the employees while they are operating the manual system also. While doing both tasks which means training and manually operating system employees of the department’s efficiency simultaneously reduce. So there is a huge challenge to train the people as well as keep the efficiency stable while implementing.

  • Providing the training covering all the levels of employees

The training had to be designed to match all the levels of employees including operational level employees, middle-level managers, and top-level managers. Hence, when designing the training it was necessary to pay attention to all the aspects related to three levels of employees.

  • Managing physical resources throughout the implementation

This implementation had been carried out under three phases. Therefore, the physical resources had been acquired in three different stages. Therefore managing the implementation was a challenge for the company since the company could not afford all the physical resources at once.

How to deal with change management challenges? 

  •  Resistance to change

  1. They have arranged open discussions with employees
  2. Made employees active participants
  3. They had arranged a department meeting regularly and communicated the changes happening and their benefits.

      • Training the employees to use the system
      1. The employees of the revenue assurance department were divided into two groups and one group was given the train at one time so that other groups can handle the day to day department work. 
      2. The employees undergoing training were provided with food and monitory benefits.
      3. Employees were provided with additional leave to attend the training sessions.

      • Providing the training to all the levels of employees
      1. SLT has taken steps to design 3 different pieces of training sessions to operational level employees middle-level managers and top-level managers.
      2.  They have hired an external consultant in designing the training

      • Managing physical resources throughout the implementation

      1. Extra computers which were in other departments were provided to the revenue assurance department temporarily until the implementation was completed and new computers were bought.


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