Why do I get a blue screen error?

The blue screen appears when windows operating systems encounter an error and no longer available to work. Therefore this error called a blue screen of death or BSOD.

When this blue screen appears, the computer will restart and unable to save or finish the work that you were doing. In this case, you are not able to stop the program that malfunctioned using the task manager.

If the cause of this fatal error is identified and remedied, the error does not occur.

How to identify the main reason for the blue screen error?

The Impact of New Hardware for blue screen error

If the blue screen error occurs after connecting several new hardware, then the hardware is not compatible with the computer. Also, blue screen error may occur due to drivers of newly attached software not compatible with the computer. Therefore, if you are using a new hardware device and you see a blue screen error, you must first install the drivers of that hardware correctly. And they should be updated via the internet. If it still shows the blue screen error, you should reinstall the operating system as an option. If the error is not corrected then the newly connected device should be removed from the computer.

The Impact of New Software for blue screen error

If a blue screen error occurs after installing or updating a new program, the cause of the error is new newly install software is not compatible with your computer. As such, you have to uninstall the newly-installed program. Also, if you update the driver’s software, you may have to remove the drivers or restore the windows to a restore point.

How to use system restore option to fix blue screen error?  

  1. To restore the computer, restart your computer and access the Control Panel. 
  2. Now in the View by menu, select the large icon. Now you can see all the icons in the control panel. 
  3. From that select recovery icon and click. 
  4. Now Click on Open System Restore. The system restores the window will open. Click on the Next button.
  5. Now you can see several instances for restore. By clicking show more restore point you can view more
  6. From here select one restore point that before blue screen error appears. After you click the finish button computer will restarts and start system restore.
If the blue screen error is caused by any installed programs or drivers installed after the date you selected, now blue screen error should be fixed after system restore.

Hardware not connected to the computer properly

Hardware and external devices not connected to the computer are one major cause of blue screen error. This error is caused by the weakening of the power cable of the hard disk attached to the computer. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the computer from the main power supply, remove the outer cover of the computer, and verify that the power cables are connected properly and fix a fault.

On a desktop computer, you should replace the power cable that is currently attached to the hard disk, and replace it with another power cable in the power supply unit. If there are DVD ROM they should also be checked and corrected.

The blue screen error may also be caused by the ram card not being properly connected. You should first remove the ram card from your computer. The gold contacts of ram should now be wiped clean with a piece of silk and reconnecting will fix the error.

The impact of USB Devices for blue screen error

A blue screen an error can also be caused by several USB devices being connected to the computer to work differently. This is because devices do not work properly with the operating system. When a blue screen error occurs, remove these devices and find out what causes the error.

The impact of Windows Update for blue screen error

Blue screen errors may occur after windows 10 updates. If that happens then the update should be removed. If not, you should install the next update.

How to Fix blue screen error by upgrading/updating windows?

  1. When you have an internet connection you need to click on the Start menu and click Settings to update the operating system. 
  2. This is the settings window. Click on the Update and Security icon. 
  3. Then click on the Check for Updates button on the Update and Security page that opens. 
  4. Now the windows update is started and the update is started. Once it is complete, it will fix the blue screen error caused by the Deficiencies of the windows operating system.

How to Fix blue screen error by uninstalling upgrade/update of windows?

If the error occurred after updating the Windows operating system, you should remove that update. To do this, 

  1. from the Start menu, go to Settings. 
  2. Now select Update and Security and select the tab on the left. Displays the settings for updating windows. 
  3. From the Update history link, click on Uninstall updates. This should remove the last installed Windows Update


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