what is chromium project resource launched by Google

The latest version of the Edge browser, the default browser for Windows 10, was released on January 15. The chromium project resources used to build this new version of the web browser. Not only google chromium but also the chromium os operating system is built using this chromium project resource launched by Google.

What are the new technologies used in the Microsoft Edge Browser?

The rendering engine, or layout engine program, convert all the HTML or CSS into a web page to make it look nice on a web page. The previous edge web browser should have the same design as the edge HTML layout engine developed by Microsoft. The blink layout engine under the chromium project used to build the new edge browser. That is, the google chrome web browser now shows the web pages in the same way as the web browser does.

A javascript engine is a program that executes commands in a javascript script that writes a web page and displays the application to the web page. The JavaScript engine developed by Microsoft was used in the old browser to run JavaScript codes. But the Javascript engine that owns Project Chromium is V8. Used in the google chrome web browser, it is now also used for edge. This company has changed the logo of the new edge browser. Fluent Method, the new interface developing method used to develop an interface of this edge browser.

What are the new features added to the Edge browser? 

This the fluent design system is a design guideline framework for software design. The fluent design system is based on five basic rules. Light, Depth, Motion, Material, Scale. Interestingly adding these features, adjusts and develops Microsoft’s new logo and interface. One of the main things that led to the modernization of this browser was the lack of popularity. This is because pages are delayed and the pages are not showing up properly. The edge browser was introduced in 2015 with Windows 10 instead of the internet explorer. Nevertheless, leaving the internet explorer to the edge browser will decrease. For many years, the Microsoft web browser ranks third in popularity. The second place is Mozilla firefox and the first is Google chrome.

Thinking of the failure of Microsoft’s web browser technology, they decided to embrace the technology of the Google Chrome browser. The new edge browser is the result.
Microsoft released its next version of Edge browser edge chromium with now available for download windows, android and iOS platforms   

Now you can download Microsoft edge chromium for your computer 


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