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What is the working principle of USB?

A normal USB port requires a computer to exchange information between digital players, digital cameras, mobile phones, and other devices. These two devices cannot exchange information between two USB devices. OTG is known to eliminate this deficiency. Even the newest USB 3.0 on the market currently exists, but it’s not the OTG type. This is because there are limitations in technology that you need to share information on normal USB devices. The current USB devices are powered by master/slave architecture. The USB port of the USB port is MASTER and the pen drive, mobile phone or dongle device that connects to the USB Port on that device behaves like a slave device. The equipment connected to the USB Port cannot be switched to the back of the master/slave status.

This is where OTG technology is special. According to this technology, equipment connected to the USB Port can be changed to master or slave status. The market from mobile phones, digital cameras of this technology has been included in this technology. Therefore, devices such as a mouse, Keyboard, Game controllers can be used and connected with mobile phones.

This requires a USB cable to connect two USB OTG devices. This is to buy cable from different modules. They are purchased with low cable and multiple capacitors. OTG connectors without cable are now available in the market. OTG devices are available for free when purchasing mobile equipment from the market.

What are the uses of OTG Cable?

  1. Keyboard
  2. Mouse
  3. USB Fan
  4. Card reader
  5. Game controller
  6. USB Lamp
  7. USB LAN
  8. Portable hard disk
  9. DSLR Camera
  10. USB Sound Card 


You can use the keyboard in your mobile phone by connecting a keyboard with a USB the port through the OTG cable. You can use this method to easily type things like a very long SMS, E-mail word document.


By connecting a mouse, you can use the mouse to move on your mobile phone. When connected to a mouse via an OTG cable, a cursor appears on the mobile screen, which allows us to use the same kind of mouse as the MOUSE. By now, the wireless mouse on the market can be fixed to the mobile phone.


Using the OTG cable, the fan can be routed using a mobile phone’s battery by installing the USB fan. These can be purchased at various prices at the market. If your cell phone is heated too much, this can be cooled using this method.

Card Reader

By connecting Card Reader, you can view anything on a memory card on your mobile device. If necessary, they can be copied/pasted into the mobile phone. Card readers can buy from various models from the market.

Game Controller

Any games on the mobile phone can be easily played by plugging a Game Controller via OTG. Game Controllers are available at different prices from the market.

USB Lamp

Like a USB Fan, you can use the USB Lamp to use the Mobile Laptop battery. The USB The lamp can be purchased on the market in different modes. These lamps give you a better glare than the flashlight on the mobile phone.


A USB cable with RJ45 input is available in today’s market. It can be used to access the Internet without the RJ45 input. This can be accessed via an OTG connector via a smartphone and can be accessed without Wi-Fi or mobile data. Broadband or 4G Internet access is required

Portable Hard DISK

Like a card reader, a portable hard drive can also be connected to a mobile phone via an OTG connector. files on Hard-disk can be copied to your mobile phone or read through the files in your mobile device

DLSR Camera

The DLSR Camera can be connected via OTG Connector to your mobile phone. It can be installed on your mobile phone on an android. This can control the features of the DLSR camera via a mobile phone.
Another a special feature is by connecting two mobile phones via an OTG connector, and the other can be charged with a battery on one mobile phone.


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