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Release of first mac computer 

Today’s world is still evolving along the path shown by the apple Macintosh 35 years ago. That is when the apple mac came to market on January 24, 1984 keeping with the traditions of the birth of the apple mac. Because of this, mac is one of the most popular machine models in the world. Computers today are made from computers that were invented 35 years ago. When considering the time before 80th decade home computers and business computers were even bigger machines. The apple company introduced apple 2 in 1977.

IBM came to the computer market in 1981. All these computers are the same type. That is, they had an interface to type various commands. It’s called a command-line-interface. The computers we use today, decades later, are quite different. These computers show the interface with a colorful icon and windows, which do not have to type commands. It’s called the graphical user interface.

The graphical user interface has made the computer a delight to the everyday user with the introduction of the graphical user interface to desktop computers. Apple Macintosh computers paved the way for this revolutionary change. Apple Macintosh is the world’s first computer with a graphical user interface.

The Unique Operating system for mac computers (Mac OS)

The operating system that came with for McIntosh computers in 1948 did not have a specific name. Everyone called it the system. This system was given a new name in 1997. It is Mac OS, which runs on Mac computers. On March 24, 2001, several changes were made to the operating system of the Mac operating system, called Mac osx 10.0. Its nickname was cheetah OS. Since then, eight versions of the operating system have been given aliases by names of members of the cat family. From then until now, mac OS versions have been named in topographic areas such as the scenic coastal mountains of The United States. Until the fifth edition of the Mac operating system (10.4), the tiger operating system, no other operating system was run on Apple computers. Also, software created for other systems cannot be used on Apple computers. However, this division was lost on April 5, 2006. With the release of the software, Apple has released software to enable the Windows operating system in addition to the Mac OS operating system. This is called boot camp multi-boot utility. This software is used by many people who like the Windows operating system as well as those who like to work on mac computers.

Why apple Macintosh computers get popular among people? 

Apple Company was able to sell over 50000 computers in 74 days from the date they introduce apple computers to the market in 1984 but by 1997, the number of people using mac computers had grown to 200 million. Approximately 34 billion computers under the various brands that are not apple McIntosh is currently using the Windows operating system. 1998 The sales of apple mac computers are taking a new turn with the appointment of Jonathan I’ve as head of apple design. I’ve introduced the model design. In 1998, iMac was his first creation.

Most people still believe that the iMac computer is the best machine in the world for the popularity of Macintosh computers. The total number of machines sold in the space of 139 days after its release was 8 lakhs. That is 5755 machines sold per day. This world record hasn’t been broken yet. That’s why the Macintosh is the world’s most popular personal computer.

The First Macintosh computer with LCD display 

iMac G5 is released with an LCD display on August 31, 2004. The latest version of this computer model came on April 28, 2008. iMac-G5 is the personal computer that exemplifies what modern-day computers should look like. It is also an evolutionarily advanced stage of Macintosh computer design. The LCD screen, as well as the taller pc tower, was developed on the iMac-G5 generation computers, and every computer manufacturer in the world imitated it. 

The Macbook Pro was launched on June 8, 2006, with desktop computers and Macintosh laptops being introduced since 1989, but adapted to the new world. This is a laptop with an Intel Core 2 duo processor it is a thin computer, unlike most previous laptops. Released on January 15, 2008, the apple company worked to make the MacBook Air thinner and more powerful. The smartest and most powerful laptop available today is the one and a half centimeter laptop that was released on October 30, 2019. It should also be noted that just as the iMac computer came and went, every computer manufacturer in the world imitated the look of a Mac book. Also, it should be noted that just as the iMac was released and the Macbook computer was imitated by every computer manufacturer in the world. 

“We know that any type of laptop today has slim and sleek shapes. It is also a gift from the world of Macintosh computers” 


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