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    How to increase the speed of data copying to external memory on a smartphone?

If you want to increase the speed of copying data to the memory card and the speed of copying data out of the memory card, you need to select a faster memory card. Each memory card has a certain speed at which data is exchanged. When these are identified you can get a memory card that is fast enough for you.

Almost every good quality SD card has a minimum speed limit. This is known as a speed class. This value is written on a circle with an open circle on the right. It can have one of the 2, 4, 6 or 10 values. This shows the speed of 2MB / s, 4MB / s, 6MB / s and 10MB / s respectively. 10 is the fastest high-speed memory card.

In addition to the normal speed class, there is also the speed class, also known as the UHS speed class. The value of these is indicated on the memory card in a small box with an opening at the top. The minimum value is 10MB / s. Also, all three of these numbers have the lowest speeds of 30MB / s. As always, the speed of the memory card increases.

How to configure a computer to boot from a flash drive?

All you need to do is activate the boot from a flash drive using the bios (basic input/output system). To boot the computer, 

  1. First press F2, Delete or press another key to access the bios screen. 
  2. At the bottom of the bios screen, you can find which key should press to enter bios settings.
  3. After logging into the bios program you will see a boot menu layout. Here you have to select USB / portable media.
  4. If you do not have the option to boot the hard drive or the DVD disk in the boot order, select USB / Portable media and exit the bios setting. Then you can boot your computer from a flash drive connected to a USB port. 

How to fix file extension not showing error in windows 10 operating system?

  1. Here you need to set the windows register. To access the Windows Register, press the Windows key on the keyboard and press R. This will open the Run dialog box. Type Regedit and press OK but now the registry editor will open.
  2. From the navigation on the left side, Click on the arrow next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER. From the drop-down list, click the arrow next to Software and click on the Microsoft — current version — explorer icon – “Software”.
  3. Then click on advance. Right-click on HideFileExt on the right side and select modify. Then in the dialog box that opens, set the value to value 1 and click ok button.
  4. If you don’t see a value called HideFileExt or click on advance from the menu. Select New – DWORD (32bit) value and set a new key. Name it HideFileExt and the related settings should be done as described above.

How can a single UPS use for multiple computers?

For this purpose, you should use one of the online ups instead of the offline ups. The difference between online and offline is how they work in the event of a power failure.

When using an offline type, it takes about one-tenth of a second to power your computer from a UPS to a power outage. That is to identify the power outage and to supply the electricity from the battery.
During that time, the power required by the computer is obtained from the capacitor in the power supply unit of the computer so that it does not interfere with the work with the computer. But if the capacitor in the power supply unit is damaged, the computer will restart.

The power generated by an inverter is supplied to the computer by an online UPS. As a result, the power supply to the computer is not interrupted for a short period. And the output of the system is well controlled.So even if the main power supply is not uniform, online ups can supply the main power evenly.

Therefore, if you want to connect multiple computers to the same UPS, then online ups are best.
However, according to the number of computers you need to connect to ups and how many votes they required.

How to copy data (files) from another hard disk to the existing hard disk?   

Here you first need to identify the SATA (Serial AT Attachment) the port on which the hard disk is currently plugged. The motherboard has several SATA ports in a sequence called SATA 0, SATA 1, SATA 2.
When a computer boot from an operating system, the main focus is on the port named SATA 0. If only one hard disk is attached to the one SATA port on the motherboard, it will not cause any errors. But when you connect two or more hard disks to a computer, it attempts to connect to the hard disk which attached to the SATA 0 port. If you remove a hard disk from another computer and connect it to the SATA 0 port, the computer will attempt to boot from the operating system on it. This may result in errors since the drivers are not compatible with the second computer. As such, it should be checked to see if the hard disk attached to the computer is connected to SATA 0. Otherwise, it should be connected to SATA 0. Now the other hard disk must be connected to a SATA port labeled SATA 1 or SATA 2 and switch on the computer. Then the hard disk of the computer is attached to SATA 0 so that the computer will boot normally. The other hard disk mounted on it can be opened as a normal drive. The files can be copied into another hard disk in a normal way.


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