What happened on Microsoft Surface Event 2019?

Surface Event 2019, Microsoft’s product launch event, was held on October 2, 2019, in New York, USA. Amongst the many new products launched, the most talked-about product is the Surface duo smartphone. The second most talked-about product is the surface duo tablet computer.

Microsoft uses an android operating system on their mobile devices instead of windows operating system. It shows that Microsoft no longer has any confidence in software sales. Critics say that this trend, which was made known by the free releasing of the Windows operating system, has now reached its climax. Microsoft is trying to spread the software market by omitting software and developing devices under the surface name.
Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3, and Surface Pro x have been released in addition to the Duo and Neo devices. Microsoft also came up with a range of earbuds called Surface Earbuds.
What are the Features of surface duo and surface neo?


Both Surface duo and neo devices are dual-screen and fordable. The screen can be folded in two (360) and vice versa, but the screen is not flexible and can be folded. The disparity between these two devices is not just its size. Surface neo can be doubled and placed on a table like a normal laptop computer. When it is brought to that position, one of its screens will point to the operating system screen. On another screen, the on-screen keyboard appears.

Operating System 

They are different from the operating system operating there. Surface Neo has a 13-inch screen. It runs on Windows10X. Surface duo using Google’s Android operating system. 

Dual Screen 

Its screen is 8.6 inches. This screen is split into two when folded. There is only a rear camera. The interface of the android version of the Surface duo smartphone is masked by Windows 10x.


The apps it needs are usually available on the Google play website. Two apps can run simultaneously on the same device’s screen. 


The surface duo smartphone is powered by the Snapdragon 855 processor. Because of that, it’s one of the fastest smartphones ever. Microsoft has long planned to develop a two-dimensional digital device. Originally codenamed Microsoft Courier and then Andromeda, the device was later discontinued, but now it appears the project is moving forward.

How Microsoft Windows 10X works with new devices?
The Windows 10X operating system was also released at the Surface event. The current Windows 10, the operating system, was born with the ability to do work with multi-screen devices. In Windows 10X, the operating system environment called c shell is used. It is an improved version of the Windows shell that displays the Windows operating system environment, or its desktop look and functionality. This was formerly known as Windows core os. Several years ago, Microsoft launched two special projects to build the c shell application and the Windows core os operating system. But no one knew for what purpose they were launched.

What is Surface earbuds?

Surface earbuds are wireless devices. The earbuds of all the other models nowadays are not just scrutinized, but have been designed in the form of ears that can easily fall off the ears when they are examined by thousands of ears.by examined thousands of ears they have been designed in the form of the way that they cannot easily fall off the ears. It can also be used as a control device. The PowerPoint slide is displayed on the surface laptop screen can be changed using these earbuds.

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