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what is contactless payment?

Using mobile Payment devices is a new world tradition, rather than traditional payment methods. This is also known as the mobile payment/mpaymentmethod. 

On the other hand, it enables you to make direct payments and many more businesses via mobile devices. These mobile payment technologies allow you to use credit/debit card data stored on smartphones or other mobile devices to make payments. This the method is known as contactless paymentand there are several companies providing this service.
  1. Apple Pay
  2. Google Pay
  3. Microsoft Pay
  4. LG Pay
  5. Samsung Pay
  6. Mobile Pay

Apple Pay 

All the iPhone and iwatch models up to now from iPhone 6, can be used as a contactless payment system called apple pay. That is, you can make a payment using a smartphone without physical cash or debit/credit card.

In apple pay, you have to take a photo of your credit card or debit card through your iPhone’s camera. Then, the apple pay automatically reads the card name and the number and stores the data. You must then enter the expiry date of the card first along with the security code provided by the apple pay. Then a photo of the credit card is displayed on the iPhone screen. It is called a digital card or soft card. This can be inserted into the iPhone with multiple cards. It’s called a passbook.

How to use apple pay?

There are ads on shops that say that the apple pay system has POS – Point of Sales. After receiving the goods and services from such a shop, one has to get close to their iPhone payment machine to pay the bill. The machine is equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. These devices are able to recognize and communicate with support devices nearby.

The radio detects radio waves emanating from the machine, and when the iPhone is locked, it will run unlocked. Now like with all other services, you don’t have to open the passbook and choose one of the digital cards. Instead, the process is started to pay the bill. Payment will be made by default or by default debit or credit card. If you pay with the card, you should put your finger on the touchpad displayed on the iPhone. It will identify it and get paid. The first time you set up the iPhone’s settings to get the apple pay service is to use the fingerprint mark that is used to confirm payment and hold it in the apple pay service as a data. This is the specialty of apple pay service.

Is apple pay safe?

The iPhone payment method (transaction process) is complete but it will not complete the payment until you confirm it via your fingerprint. If the default credit/debit card is not provided, you will need to provide a digital card instead of a fingerprint. After that the fingerprint should be provided to confirm the payment then payment will be initiated with your credit/debit card.

You can make payments through the online service via the apple pay method. It’s easy and simple. You can purchase goods from the apple pay support website. Usually, payment can be made by paying by accessing your apple pay account and entering the fingerprint through the touch id.

This is one of the safest ways in the world to pay with apple pay. When paying through this system, the market with the payment machine will get a special number, or code, based on the credit card number. When it gets to the bank, the actual credit card number is exposed there. Payment is approved only through the vendor’s consent. Because of this, even a person who steals data from a computer system cannot know the credit card numbers of the apple pay transactions.

Google pay

In 2011, Google introduced a contactless payment system called google wallet. Then, in 2015, it was upgraded to android pay. Thereafter, the services of both the services were combined with the Google Pay service. You can use this google pay app to set up a smart card using android and iPhone smartphones. You can use them online and as well as you can also get goods and services from stores.

Microsoft pay

Microsoft pay is a contactless payment method used to pay for a smartphone with Microsoft mobile operating system. Previously launched on 21st June 2016 as Microsoft wallet. Payments can be made through a web browser using this app. The soft card method is also used here.

LG Pay

In June 2017, LG launched a contactless payment program called LG-pay in North Korea. As it turned out, the system was launched in the US from July 16, 2019 onwards. Here is a different point. This means that magnetic tape technology has been added, as is the case with digital cards with NFC technology. This is known as wireless magnetic communication. When a debit/credit card is sent through the payment machine, it is transmitted as a wireless magnetic pulse in the magnetic stripe. When the app is activated, a soft card containing the data is displayed on the screen. You can choose one of them and make payments.

Samsung pay

Samsung pay is a contactless payment method that can be run on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Launched on August 20, 2015, in South Korea as well as in the US. It also uses a different technology to transfer the data on the cards in the actual magnetic tape. It is called a magnetic secure transmission and the app uses that data to make a soft card. They can be selected and make payments.

Mobile Payment

It is not easy to create a currency exchange system that is compatible with world-class rules, such as mobile phones and tablets. It takes time to get to the advanced level. That is because mobile telecommunication companies, bank credit card companies, financial institutions, vendors, mobile device makers, and various computer programmers work to the same standard and avoid errors. Here are five of the best-known technologies in the world.

NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology

This technology is used in contactless payment methods like apple pay and google wallet as described earlier. A chip on the mobile device has credit card details and it receives the data from an NFC-enabled device in the market and transfers it back to normal.

Smartphone credit card reader
Financial institutions provide a vendor with a small device that can scan a credit card and read its data. The speaker jack on the smartphone can be attached to the socket. The credit card can now be read through this device or smartphone credit reader. Here the vendor uses a mobile reader. Therefore, payments are made in a mobile system.

SMS Based System Method

Here you can send an SMS via any phone. Here the mobile phone account holder pays for the money already deposited in the mobile phone account. Here the SMS message is the authorization code given to the mobile phone owner, the amount payable, and the name of the person or entity responsible for the payment.

Software Based Method

Here you can make a payment through a mobile device and visit a particular web site. The web service is a specialized network made up of financial institutions. Both parties should have these accounts.

Wireless application protocol method

In this case, money-sharing apps must be installed on the mobile phone. Then the web service running with the app can be accessed from a mobile device and make money. Or you can pay by paying close to the phone to a special payment machine. This payment is called mobile payment using the WAP (wireless application protocol) technology. This method is also known as in-app billing.


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