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Is it dangerous to sit near a WiFi router?

Valuable research was presented by a school teacher in the Buckinghamshire area in Britain.he said that when the router that is used to connect his class to a wired internet connection, it will cause headaches and nausea. Along with this experience, which led its exploratory news story, BBC said that the spreading signals near signets with a Wi-Fi-connected laptop were three times the number of signals in the mobile tower.
The news came up with this news about whether Wi-Fi technology good for health. The chairman of the Health Protection Agency of Britain, Sir William Stuart, said that it needed to consider.
At the same time, the UK’s Mobile Communication Institute (EMG) chairman Prof. Lavry Chalis said that the strength of the signals near the Wi-Fi Router is weaker than six hundred times when compared to the government standard, so the idea was they do not want to be afraid of Wi-Fi.
Finally, the British Health Agency issued a judgment. They said that when someone is sitting in a room for a year, the amount of radiation that body exposure is equal to the amount of radiation that is contained within a 20-minute phone conversation.
However, this has not been able to eliminate the fears of the public.
That’s why many people like cyber squatters, Wi-Fi technology players, and cordless internet users are curious about this. Wi-Fi means (Wireless Fidelity). This term is known as wireless broadcasting (broadcasting) information through the wireless network.
Wireless networks use the information on radio waves like cellular phones, televisions, and radio devices. The basic needs of radio transmission are the wireless router.
It can be set in a room in a router connected to the internet. It can also be installed on a single line; however, there is a realm of broadcasting and receiving frequencies from this router. If you have a Wi-Fi connection in this area, you can use the Hotspots, which means a laptop adapter with the adapter will need to be connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot to get a Wi-Fi connection.

what are the standards used in wifi?

Radio frequencies, such as radio, telephones, radios, televisions, radio stations, etc., are often overwhelmed by an overhead Wi-Fi range. Hence, they can share a lot of information.
The data is exchanged in a Wi-Fi network is based on the world’s leading standards in the design and manufacture of electrical and electronic engineers in the United States (based on the principles of the World’s Best Technology Standards). The 802.11 network standard (802.11) is used by them 
The first was the 802.11 e standard. The data can be exchanged at speeds of 11 megabytes per second for GigaHertz (2.4 GHz frequency range), which is known as 802.11, which is also known as the “quality”, and the gigahertz, the frequency bandwidth of 2.4 MHz, although there are a lot of speeds.

where does the wifi signal come from?

  1. Antennas are installed in buildings, lamp posts, and other places creating a hi-fi hotspot.
  2. Source internet connections of the basic computer that connect to Wi-Fi networks, the desktops or servers are connected wirelessly to an antenna.
  3. Nowadays some mobile phones and palm-top computers are equipped with Wi-Fi technology, so they can also connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  4. Laptops can also be equipped with Wi-Fi devices (adapters) so they can now connect to the Wi-Fi.
Here, 802.11 data can be exchanged at 54 megabytes; its frequency range is 5 GHz.
The uniqueness of wi-fi technology is also given here. That is, they do not have to obtain licenses for gigahertz 2.4 and 5 radio frequencies, which are transmitted through the Wi-Fi system. As a result, a regular home-based router can be established, but even though a Wi-Fi antenna can be built in a city that can serve even more people, Telecommunication companies do not have to pay taxes on frequencies.

Advantages of using Wi-Fi technology.

  1. The network is easy to install because there is no need for a cable.
  2. Because most laptop computers have Wi-Fi adapter adapters installed, the initial cost of getting an Internet connection is also low.
  3. Establishing and maintaining a Wi-Fi network is more affordable than other communication networks.

Limitations of WIFI Technology

  1. Increases in energy consumption lead to a decrease in the battery’s battery life and the rise in its heat.
  2. Wi-Fi network operates only to a limited extent. The hotspot, which is produced by a home-wire router, operates around 150 feet and also, a hotspot established in the towers is 300 feet in length. 
  3. It’s less confidential on a Wi-Fi network. Whichever Wi-Fi network is freely available in any frequency band, it’s easy to access someone from a particular gate.


0     What are the trends of wifi technology? 

E   Even under these circumstances, the tactician is looking for the best tactic to develop the “Wi-Fi” technology. Citizens of the city are not connected to the Internet. It will set up a router system covering the whole city. Although it is not possible to identify another router next to a normal router, even if there are no routers in a metaphor, it is possible to identify two routers.
    The routers from all over the world can be connected to each other using a Wi-Fi network  t   that can connect anywhere in any city in any city with a laptop or internet connection.
  • United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, and New York cities have been providing free Wi-Fi with high-bandwidth internet to the public.
  • In Europe, Wi-Fi technology is now available to identify a motor vehicle running in a town that has been closed off in a Wi-Fi network. this program is named as European car-2-car. That is sponsored by Europe’s leading car care companies and universities, which include the installation of a wi-fi system and the connection of them to vehicles; so that when one is in the invisible bend a car maybe identified.
  • In Finland, the Ekahau company has been able to identify people using Wi-Fi technology. Here a radio tag that can be identified by a Wi-Fi network, these tags (Battery-Powered RFID Tags) can be identified by using a Tablet or a PC. Nursing staff in hospitals that use computer systems in developed countries now have these diseased patients it’s easy to know where it is.
  • In many developed countries, schools, and universities are rich in Wi-Fi networks. In such a place, students can be trained in an emergency, regardless of where they are.a vehicle can be set up to know the speed of the vehicle, the direction of travel, the direction of travel.


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