Evaluation of apple Macintosh computers

Photo by Museums Victoria on UnsplashRelease of first mac computer Today’s world is still evolving along the path shown by the apple Macintosh 35 years ago. That is when the apple mac came to market...

Does Wifi signals harmful for your health?

Photo by Misha Feshchak on Unsplash   Is it dangerous to sit near a WiFi router? Valuable research was presented by a school teacher in the Buckinghamshire area in Britain.he said that when the router that is...

USB OTG – What is OTG and How it’s Works ?

Photo by Erkan Utu from PexelsWhat is the working principle of USB?A normal USB port requires a computer to exchange information between digital players, digital cameras, mobile phones, and other devices. These two devices...

Weird things you should know about Bluetooth Technology

Photo by Suganth on UnsplashWhat can we expect in the future market for Bluetooth Technology?  Bluetooth is the leading technology that is used for communication in today’s world. over 14 million devices which are expected...
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What is the Difference between CD,DVD and Blu-Ray ?

Photo by Chris Yates on UnsplashAlthough CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray disks differ from each other, they are commonly referred to as compact disks because of the technology...